These terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply to the Open for Business ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion (Promotion) promoted by Heartland Bank Limited and its related companies (Heartland or we).

By participating in the Promotion, you accept these T&Cs.


    1. You are not able to enter this Promotion if you - or one of your immediate family - is an employee of Heartland or any third party involved in, providing or promoting the Promotion (our Associates).
    2. Otherwise, you can enter this Promotion if you are a New Zealand resident.

    1. You can participate in the Promotion by either:
      1. being an existing customer of Heartland (Customer), referring us onto a friend, member of your family or any other person by making them aware of the Promotion, that person applies for a business loan of $10,000 or more with us before 30 June 2017 and Heartland approving that business loan application; or
      2. not currently having a business loan with us, applying for a business loan of $10,000 or more with us before 30 June 2017 and mentioning the Promotion when applying, and Heartland approving that business loan application (Referred Person).
    1. The Promotion, in respect of an applicable business loan, is available provided that:
      1. the Referred Person applied for the business loan on or before 30 June 2017; and
      2. drawdown by the Referred Person under that business loan occurs within 30 days from the date of approval by Heartland of the business loan application (End Date).
    1. If drawdown of an applicable business loan occurs before the End Date (Drawdown), the Referred Person will receive a $250 discount on the business loan establishment fee and the Customer will receive a $250 Westfield Voucher.
    2. Within two business days of Drawdown, Heartland will contact the Customer to arrange delivery of a Westfield Voucher totalling $250 (Voucher).
    3. If the above prizes or any part of them are no longer available - for any reason - we can decide to alter the prizes or replace them entirely with other prizes.
    4. Neither the Customer nor Referred Person can transfer the relevant prize, change it or redeem it for cash. If a Customer or Referred Person is unable to accept a prize, it will be void – and no compensation will be payable.
    5. Drawdown must occur before the End Date.

    1. We may wish to use a Customer’s or a Referred Person’s name and image for promotional purposes. So if you participate in this Promotion, you agree:
    2. to make yourself available for the purposes of taking promotional photographs or video of you (Images) (at reasonable times, locations and on reasonable notice);
    3. that we can use your name and those Images for promotional purposes; and
    4. that you will have no claim to those Images, which will belong to Heartland.

    1. We are not liable, neither is any Associate, and neither are our respective employees or other representatives (Heartland Parties), for any Loss incurred by you or anyone else arising in connection with the Promotion or in connection with your entry into the Promotion. Loss means any personal injury, liability, damage or other cost, and includes direct, indirect, special or consequential Losses.
    2. By way of example, we would not be liable for any Loss arising from any alteration or replacement of the prize (see 3.3), or from your use of the prize, or if your winning the prize resulted in a tax liability for you (but not only those things).
    3. If, as winner, your participation in the Promotion, or your use of the prize, results in any claim or other Loss for a Heartland Party, you will indemnify the relevant Heartland Party against that claim or Loss.

    1. We have the right to cancel or suspend the Promotion, or to vary these T&Cs, at any time if we believe it reasonable to do so.
    2. We can void an entry, or refuse to award a prize, if we choose to do so – and we do not have to give reasons for that decision. We might do this if an entry is false or misleading or where the entrant has behaved in a fraudulent or dishonest manner.
    3. If we do not exercise a right we have under these T&Cs it does not mean we have waived that right, and not exercising a right does not prevent us from exercising it in the future.
    4. All decisions we make in connection with the Promotion will be final and we will not enter into any further discussion or correspondence regarding those decisions.

    1. We will collect and hold the personal information contained in your entry in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and our Privacy Statement. Failure to provide the requested personal information may make you ineligible to receive a prize.
    2. We will use that personal information for the purposes of running the Promotion, and for our business functions and activities, including marketing products and services to you by mail, email and telephone (including SMS) – you can opt-out of this by following the unsubscribe prompts in the communication.
    3. You have the right to access and request correction of information we hold about you, and full details of every organisation to whom we have disclosed information about you, by contacting us on 0800 80 91 91. To find out more, you can see our Privacy Statement on our website www.openforbusiness.co.nz/privacy-statement.